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Since the dawn, humans have sought to understand their world. We have invented many techniques and tools to aid in the task. At The Lighthouse, we continue this tradition of investigation.

This is our home base as we journey into cyberspace on our quest.

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What's New at The Lighthouse
For your amusement we've added a little story that we made up. It's an extract from a 25-minute video movie that we have produced for Television Broadcast. It's is a musical! You will need to have sound enabled in your browser. Check it out at Raisin Cane.
The Wedding
On June 29 of 2002, Susan Yount and Dr. Michael Pichowsky tied the knot in Kent, Ohio. Susan created a website for the event just loaded with pictures and stories about the people involved in making this one of the best weddings ever! Go take an exciting and oft-times humorous tour at The Wedding.

After the tour, be sure to check out Susan's Poetry.   Graduated from Indiana University as a Photo Journalist, she is also an intriguing poet. We are happy to recommend her works to you. Read carefully, there's more here than first meets the eye.
More than five million computer users around the world (in 253 countries) have contributed over two million years of computer time to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. This is now the largest experiment in distributed processing ever done. Visit the SETI@home site to learn about this massive effort.

The Curators of The Lighthouse began participating in the SETI program in May of 1999 and have contributed over 32 years of cpu time. I don't think we've found anything yet ...

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Areas to Visit:
Each floor of The Lighthouse is home to a different specialty. There are guides in each area to help you find what interests you. You are welcome to wander about the grounds as well as inside the building.

[LITE] The Main Floor : The Welcome Area : This is where you are right now. From here you can get to any floor of The Lighthouse. As you visit different rooms you can always tap this Lighthouse "button" and return to the Welcome Area.
[PHYS] The Second Floor : The Study of the Physical : Studies into Nature by systematic analysis of observable phenomena using the language of mathematics. (Sounds like it was written by someone with a PhD, doesn't it?)
[CAVE] The Cave : The Study of The Intuitive : Here, within the nurturing quiet of the Earth herself, we shut out the overpowering light of the rational mind. We seek through the subtleties of inner vision, feeling, and the physical senses.
[AERIE] The Aerie : The Study of Creativity : In the topmost area of The Lighthouse, we explore creativity as it is applied in various forms. (Mainly written - you weren't expecting an online opera, I hope!)
[LIBR] The Library : Some of the other areas have their own specialized libraries. This library contains information that is of general interest, information about computers and the Web, as well as links to the other libraries throughout The Lighthouse.
[LOUN] The Lounge : Where the Curators unwind : Sometimes the Curators like to relax and put their shoes up on the table too! (Except the Curator of the Cave; "He Who Walks Barefoot." He just puts his dirty feet up on the table. Well, need we say more?)
[ABOUT] About The Lighthouse and it's Curators : To learn about the origin and history of The Lighthouse... to learn which Curator runs each area, and why... and how to get in touch with the Curators. (Or if you were just wondering, What were they thinking??)
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