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Rescuing The Raisins

Frustrated with the noisy music of the Raisins, Gargamel decided to cast an evil spell on them and put them into a magical sleep.

They lay in a lifeless heap beside the fireplace

With the Raisins asleep, there was finally some peace and quiet in the castle and Gargmel thought that he too might get some sleep.
"Tomorrow", thought Gargamel, "I will start anew and try to figure out just what went wrong with the recipe."

"Perhaps I will eat these Raisins too ..." he mused evilly. Eating the Raisins would at least ensure some peace and quiet in his castle, he figured. "They might even taste good!" With that happy thought, Gargamel fell asleep for the night.

The Smurfs, who were peeking through the castle window, were shocked!
"What should we do now, Papa?", they all asked.
"We must rescue those poor Raisins", replied Papa with determination.

But the Raisins were unfortunate victims of Gargamel's evil spell and were fast asleep, all in a pile in the warmth of the fireplace.
Papa wondered, "How can we free them from this evil spell?"

Flutie Smurf had an idea!

"I know", he said. "I'll wake them up with my magic flute!"

And, although one might have thought that Flutie's magic flute would have had the opposite effect on them, the Raisins immediately awoke upon hearing just a few choice notes from the wondrous flute!

"What do you know", Papa mused, "it really worked".

The Raisins were startled by the
little Smurfs standing all around.
But Papa Smurf convinced them that they were friends.

He told the Raisins of Gargamel's plan to eat them for breakfast and so the Raisins agreed to sneak out of the castle and go to Smurfville with the Smurfs.