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Club Debut

Club Debut

After their first day at work, the Raisins decided to relax at a local bar that Beer Smurf had recommended to them.

Each in turn described how their first day at work had gone. The Raisins had been created, albeit by mistake, to be great musicians. They were now reduced to being menial laborers. After a few rounds of beer made it's way into their bellies, their grumblings grew louder.

At this point, the bar's owner, Dr. Octopus, approached
them. He apologized to them if they had come to his bar to see the headline band. He was sorry to tell them that they had cancelled.

Leaping at the opportunity, Marvin exclaimed, "We're a band!" That was good enough for Dr. Octopus! He hired the raisins to play at his bar that night.

And so the Raisins found their first paying gig that night.

They played and played! Loud and fun-times were had by all who came to the bar that night!

Even Princess Barbie, a regular at Dr. Octopus' bar, found herself listening to the Raisin Band that night. Marvin Raisin called out to the Princess, whom he had remembered from the bus trip into Toy Town earlier that day.

Princess Barbie succcumbed to the good music. She smiled, "Oh, those Raisins, they sure do play well. I'll come here every night if they're here."

Needless to say, the Raisins were a smash hit at the bar that night! The patrons of Club Octopus had never heard such groovy tunes as they heard that night. And still today you can visit the bar and catch them playing each Friday and Saturday from 10PM to 3AM.

W ell! There you have it.

Finally the Raisins are being recognized for
who they are not not just for what they are -- Raisins.

I hope you learned something. I know I did.

My name is Woody. And on behalf of all my friends here at Misty Productions I want to wish you and yours a good night.
Good night!

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