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The Raisins Leave Smurfville

When the Smurfs finally arrived in Smurfville, there was
a great celebration and everyone welcomed the Raisins.

Since the Raisins had no other place to go, they were invited
to live with the Smurfs in peace and with equality for all.
So they all lived together, sharing the toil and
the spoils of their toils.

After several months had passed, some of the differences between the Raisins and the Smurfs were starting to become more apparent, especially to Papa Smurf, who was becoming quite alarmed.
So Papa Smurf decided to call a Town Meeting.

At the meeting, all the Smurf citizens were present and accounted for, except the few Smurfs who had been declared as enemies of the state and sympathizers with the counter-revolutionary terrorist, Brainy Smurf.

Those Smurfs were outlaws and lived somewhere East of Smurfville, hiding in a secret complex of caves deep within the Knod Mountains.

"Listen here, Raisins. I don't think that things are working out too well. I'm afraid that we're going to have to let you Raisins go.", Papa Smurf said.

Marvin Raisin,
the singer and front man for the Raisins implored,
"But we played that benefit for the workers".

Papa Smurf did not back down. He wanted the Raisins to go. As the Chairman of the Smurf Union Local 203, it was his duty to discourage counter-revolutionary activity wherever he encountered it in Smurfville.

Unknown to Marvin Raisin, there were rumors that at least one of the Raisins was involved in counter-revolutionary activities.

Although no one could prove it, there were some Smurfs who believed that a Raisin had been involved in a terrorist plot to destroy two hundred sacks of grain from the People's Grain Cooperative.

The attacks were typically attributed to the
ubiquitous network of Brainy Smurf
sympathizers that would wreak havoc on
the Smurfville social order.

Such rumors would normally have just blown over with time, but after their absence at the Weekly Book Burning, few Smurfs doubted their guilt.

So Papa smurf insisted that the Raisins pack up their instruments and go.
It was Beer Smurf who showed the Raisins to the bus stop.