The Lighthouse
The Aerie
Raisin Cane
Prophet Smurf
Making Raisins
Fungus Wood
Raisin Band
We're Here
A Rescue!
No Time For Fun Now
The Bus
Toy Town
To Rule The World
Club Debut

   Through Fungus Wood

The good, little Smurfs marched
through the dark and dangerous paths of Fungus Wood for hours and hours.

As you probably know, good little Smurfs always prefer to remain in Smurfville where everyone is equal and happy and always shares everything.

Still, Prophet Smurf's vision was so dark and evil that Papa Smurf thought it necessary for them to travel the way to the wizard's castle and see what he was up to.

Nontheless, each of the travelers, in turn, would grow weary of the journey and ask, "How much farther, Papa Smurf?"
To which Papa Smurf would reply, "Not far now".

Again they'd ask, "How much farther, Papa?"
And again Papa would reply, "Not far now".

This would go on and on, again and again.
When Papa Smurf's patience had grown excessively thin and worn, like an old sock, another would yet again ask, "How much farther, Papa Smurf?"
Finally, Papa Smurf shouted, "It's much farther! Now smurf-up!"

The little Smurfs remained quiet for the rest of the journey.
Papa knew that they still wanted to ask him how much farther they had to go, but none did. Papa also knew that their journey through the forest would not be nearly as dangerous as what they might encounter at Gargamel's Castle.

The unknown dangers behind Gargamel's secret recipe was a source of great worry to Papa Smurf.

Fortunately for the little Smurfs, something had gone terribly wrong with Gargamel's evil, magic-grape recipe.
Gargamel was beside himself, wondering how his recipe could have gone so far wrong.

You see, he had meant to make a magical
Raisin Bran but accidentally, he made a Raisin Band!
I bet you think that made him look plumb silly!