The Lighthouse
The Aerie
Raisin Cane
Prophet Smurf
Making Raisins
Fungus Wood
Raisin Band
We're Here
A Rescue!
No Time For Fun Now
The Bus
Toy Town
To Rule The World
Club Debut

H owdy! My name is Woody and I'd like to welcome you to our little story.

Raisin Cane is a movie made by all my friends at Misty Productions for enjoyment by people of any age.

Using Smurf characters, original dialog, music and scenery, the creators weave a tale of a search for personal freedom.

It tells of a group of Raisins and their struggle to be recognized in their own right and not just because they are a minority group to be used for personal gain by others.

The story opens with the arrival of Prophet Smurf carrying dire news of sinister events taking place at Gargamel's castle.

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