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  Making Raisins

On the outskirts of Fungus Wood, at the evil wizard's castle, Gargamel was busily working from his recipe-book of evil spells.

He was making magical raisins from a secret family recipe which was handed down through many generations of evil wizards.

These magical raisins, when eaten by the wizard, would grant him power over all the good creatures of the land.

In my family
For many generations
Is a recipe
That needs five grapes.

Chorus: Meow

Eye of newt
And many scary faces
This is how, my friends
We make raisins.

Chorus: Meow

Making raisins
Yeah, making raisins
Requires patience
And magical ingredients.

Chorus: Bong

To make raisins
That taste finger-lickin'
I'll need the secret ingredients
Skin of fried chicken.

Ha, ha, ha.
They're alive! They're alive!
My creations are alive at last!

Chorus: Meow

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