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Prophet Smurf's Vision

The peaceful Smurfs lived all alone in the quiet pleasance of Fungus Wood until one day, Prophet Smurf came running into town.


"Papa! Papa!",
Prophet Smurf Shouted.

"Hype the smurf down, Prophet!",
Papa Smurf replied.

"What's on your mind?"

Prophet Smurf warned Papa that he had a vision of Gargamel, the evil wizard and longtime nemesis of the Smurfs.

Prophet described his vision -- Gargamel was "cooking up something dark and wrinkly in his kitchen", but he didn't know exactly what that meant.

Papa took this foretelling very seriously and called together a Smurf Town Meeting.
He told the other Smurfs they should send out an expedition to see what Gargamel was up to, "and perhaps", said Papa, "Smurf-up his dinner plans!"

The very next morning, the Smurfs set out on their journey through the darkest recesses of Fungus Wood to Gargamel's Castle.