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    Instead He Made A Raisin Band

Gargamel was still lamenting, going over his failed
recipe again and again,
"What could have gone wrong?"

He carefully reviewed the ingredients one more time ...

"Eye of newt, and many scary faces ... This should not give me
singing raisins!"

But this thought process was interrupted by the horn blasts of his accidental creations, a soul-review band known as The Raisins. That night they played and played, long and loud and nearly drove Gargamel crazy!

Jazz hands Trumpet        Marvin

Between each song their manager, Raisin hell, would pop out from behind some furniture and shout,

"Introducing the Raisins!"

as though they were performing in front of an invisible audience at some invisible concert hall only they could see.

Raisin Hell

The Raisins played and played. Their music was loud, full of energy and fun times.
Everyone in the invisible audience quite enjoyed themselves that evening, except of course Gargamel who hated the music completely.

Ironically, the Raisins didn't seem to notice his grimaces, even though he was the only one in the audience who wasn't invisible.