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Making Raisins
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No Time For Fun Now
The Bus
Toy Town
To Rule The World
Club Debut

The Bus To Toy Town

At the bus stop, Beer Smurf
said, "You guys are going to like it in Toy Town.

You just look up my friend Dr. Octopus. He tends the bar there. He'll give you a job. You just tell him Beer Smurf sent You".

Then, Beer Smurf recalled one last piece of advice which he gave the Raisins. It was a warning. Beer Smurf had had several run-ins with the Mayor. "Don't you listen to that Mayor. He'll just set you up in some government program."

After this omnious warning, the Raisins found themselves on a bus, headed for fame and fortune in Toy Town.

The excitement of their new journey filled the Raisins with hope and joy.

Throw a bunch of Raisin musicians, all their musical instruments, and a beautiful Princess into a bus and you have one noisy ride.

After a few stops, Princess Barbie had to get off the noisy bus. "Don't you touch me, you dirty, rotten, nasty grapes".

Outside the bus she was happy to be in the fresh air again.