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  To Rule The World
        (From Outer Space)

Upon completing his assigned task of finding jobs for the Raisins, Battie reported back to the Mayor.

He found the Mayor on his way to City Hall. He said, "All the Raisins have jobs now, Your Honor."

"Excellent, Battie", the Mayor responded.
"What is the next step in your plan?"
"Well", chuckled the Mayor, "I was just going to tell you".

The two continued into the Mayor's office where all of the top city councilmen had gathered at the command of the Mayor, for a secret midnight city-planning meeting.

The Mayor had a plan that would make Toy Town the most powerful city in the world. He would now share this plan with his colleagues.

He had prepared some slides explaining the critical steps of his plan


At last I have the Raisins that I need
A tribute to my never ending greed
And with these Raisins I will plant the seed
And ultimate power will be mine.

A plan I've had almost for a year
And now the final step becomes clear
Soon the world will have to grow to fear
Because now I have the Raisins that I need.

Chorus: Ha! Ha! Ha! It's just so simple!

The pieces are all falling into place
And soon I'll launch a rocket into outer space.

All I needed was a minority race
To get the federal funding for my plans.

And once I have the money from the Feds
And the rocket has reached my moon base

Then the world would rather be dead
Cause I will rule over them from outer space.

Chorus: Ha! Ha! Ha! It's just so simple!

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