The Lighthouse
The Aerie
Raisin Cane
Prophet Smurf
Making Raisins
Fungus Wood
Raisin Band
We're Here
A Rescue!
No Time For Fun Now
The Bus
Toy Town
To Rule The World
Club Debut

Toy Town City Hall

As soon as they arrived at Toy Town, the Raisins were greeted in front of City hall by the Mayor himself.

The Mayor and his henchmen had anticipated the arrival of the Raisins and he now welcomed them as new citizens of Toy Town.

The Mayor promised the Raisins that they would always
be welcome in Toy Town, and even assigned his closest henchman, Battie, to help them find jobs.

Jazz Hands got a job with a carpenter using a hand saw to repair houses.

Trumpet Raisin got a job with a brainy neuro-surgeon, building neuro-networks and playing with peoples' brains.

Marvin Raisin was given a job as a nude model for one of Toy Town's most prestigious pornographers, Peter Porno.

Carpenter Brain Surgeon Porno Star