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We're Here, We're Here

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Gargamel and The Raisins, a small band of heroic Smurfs warily approached the castle ...

Chorus: We're here, we're here
We're at the castle of Gargamela

Chorus: We're here, we're here
He's been our enemy for a long time.

He's got a kitty named Azriela
Chorus: We're here, we're here
She's a sneaky kitty
She's bad news.

We cannot afford to let him see us peeking

Chorus: We're here, we're here
We'll enter the castle
When he's sleeping.

We must be careful my little Smurfs

 Gargamel and Azriel are on the prowl
We mustn't go into the castle now
We'll wait till after dark.

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