Welcome: Wo/man has always used intuition in the struggle for survival. We have explored many strange territories in our search for understanding. In The Cave we continue this quest into other realities.

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Here we slip quietly into the dark regions of the mind where we understand in symbols. You carefully make your way down a narrow path cut into the face of the cliff, emerging onto a rocky beach. In a small cave, an old man holds up a lantern. He examines you carefully. Then, "There are many paths. See there the symbols cut into the wall. Press one to begin your journey."

Shamanism. Since the dawn, Shamanism has enabled man to explore his territory from a distance as well as to dig into the depths of his own inner landscape. From Hunter to Healer, Shamanism has been one of man's greatest skills.
Celtic Studies. From Western Europe come the Celts with their own very distinct view of the world. Look here to learn about ancient Gods and Goddesses, Faeries, and more.
German/Nordic Studies. The homepage of the Asatru religion -- Asatru means Faith in the Aesir and the Vanir -- best known as the Gods and Goddesses of the Old Norse legends. There is information about the religion and The Ring of Troth, the public organization of Asatru. They list other locations covering the Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic Cultures. If your interested in languages, definitely go here. How about the Mead Makers Page? Whet your appetite?
The New York Open Center Homepage. Located in the heart of Soho in New York City, surrounded by some of New York's finest art galleries, restaurants and shops. Within the Center is an an excellent bookstore and a Wellness bodywork center. Their Index Course Guide includes the Arts, Astrology, Bodywork, Chinese Health, Religions, Creativity, Dance, Death & Dying, Goddess Spirituality, Holistic Health, Martial Arts, Meditation, Music, Nursing, Parenting, Psychology, Sacred Arts, Self-development, Sexuality, Shamanism, Society/Ecology/Science, Spiritual Inquiry & Practice, Storytelling, Tarot, and Theatre, and more. This writer has had an excellent experience with the Center, taking many courses there over the years.
The New Times Newspaper. Based in Seattle, the paper offers information that helps readers with personal and planetary growth. From astrology and holistic health to recovery issues and peace, they provide a wide range of topics to explore.
Native American. Consider a workshop with Native American Teachers or visit some Native American homepages.
LibrThe Cave Library. This is the main Library for The Cave. Listings of books, tapes, magazines, and jumps to other sources on the WWW.
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