The ways of Shamanism are as diverse as there are cultures throughout the world. Begin your search here for the Teachers or the Way that best fits you. Good luck on your Journey.

Local Drumming Circles

Austin, Texas

The Park Place Holistic Health Center
1426-B Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
Phone 512.474.7171

Every Thursday at 7:00-9:30 PM
Cost: $8.00
Everyone welcome. A different person leads each week
1st Thursday: Dee Pye
2nd Thursday: Womens Group
3rd Thursday: Ed Jones
4th Thursday: Jeff Cannon

Dallas, Texas

Betwixt and Between
813 Exposition Ave
Dallas, TX 75226
Phone 214.821.3340

Drumming Circle
Every Friday and Saturday night at 10:00 PM
Free to members
Cost: $4.00 for guest drummers

Shamanic Study Gathering
Meets at Betwixt and Between the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month
Calling the Quarters begins at exactly 8:00 PM
For information send email to dlanaraven at prodigy dot net
Free to members
Non-members may join at $16.00 a month membership or a donation of $10.00 per session
Please visit us at

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Shamanism On The Internet

Shamanism & Shamanic Workshops in the UK & Europe.
Offering a broad programme of workshops in Shamanism from beginning to advanced levels, this group provides an excellent opportunity to begin or expand your shamanic experience.


soc.religion.shamanism: This is a moderated newsgroup having both individual posts as well as broader discussions on the nature of shamanism and it's place in the western world. One of the moderators has written a General Overview of Shamanism. This FAQ is an excellent place to start if you ask the question, "What is Shamanism?". This FAQ is part of the Global Spirituality Home Page.

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