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So! You've found my little hide-away. Welcome! Come on in! Find yourself a comfortable seat. Let's visit and chat for a while.

Since you're here, it probably means that you've been wandering around the grounds of The Lighthouse. I hope that it's been pleasant for you. We tried to make the experience as friendly as possible. There are three of us who contribute, so it's a bit of a blend of distinct personalities. We're all part Polish and stubborn and at least two of us are intelligent (details omitted).

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In August 1997, I took a trip to England. The photo on the left is me standing atop the Tor in Glastonbury. Fascinating little town.

If you plan a trip to Glastonbury, I can personally recommend the guide that we used. His name is Nigel Breen. If you want more information, go to Nigel's Page. Trust me.....

This is me again standing in front of the River Avon in Bath. Now THAT is a gorgeous town.

My Biography (or, Why Am I The Way That I Am?)

It all started many years ago. Back in the 1930's to be approximately precise. I was born. It was a lovely summer day in June. I remember it well. I guess that makes me a Gemini. It was in The City Of The Angels -- Los Angeles, California. It was appropriate for me to be born in a city so named. I spent my younger years there, coming to New York City as a teenager.

Within a decade I was married and helping to raise two sons. They are the other two curators on The Lighthouse. During that time I began to work on Wall Street, learn computers and complete my education. My degree in Accounting fits very nicely with my job of computer programming on Financial Systems.

After divorcing in the '80s, I asked myself how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, since I was now essentially alone. The only two real commitments that I had for my time were our two sons and my job. I have never been interested in making money or owning things, so it took me a while to find something that had meaning for me. I decided that I would explore what it meant to be a human being and to see how far I could go in becoming human. Not as a powerful person, not as a leader, not as anything more than just human. I used relationships, psychotherapy, Shamanism, dreams and lots of reading. Now, after many, many years of hard work, I am almost human. If you want to verify this, please be careful whom you ask. References provided on request.

I began working with Michael Harner in 1984 and was in two different bi-weekly groups in addition to a monthly group. This meant that I was practicing journeying for several hours each week in a group environment. It was a tremendous help to me in learning how to explore the "inner landscape". There were only two rules in the main group that I was in. First, it was not a hierarchy and there was no leader. We were all peers. Second, if someone in the group was unhappy about something, as will always occur in group work, they must bring it up in the group and participate in a discussion about it. This created a simple foundation on which the group operated successfully for many years.

After some seven years, my Inner Teacher kicked me out of all the groups and instructed me to stop all inner work until told otherwise. I screamed and kicked and fought, but in the end, I did as I was told (it's not smart to argue with Mother Nature). It was traumatic for me because this work had become very important in my life. At first, it was difficult because I now had a large void in my life with nothing to fill it. Eventually, little by little, I became more self-contained and quiet in my daily life. For two years I did virtually nothing, waiting for a change to occur.

Then, in 1993, I had a dream where my Inner Teacher asked me, "What are you doing, sitting around? Why aren't you working? Hurry up and get going before you miss the bus". I had to laugh. I was totally stunned by such a "wake-up" call. After all, I was just doing what I was told. Now, this is one of my favorite dreams in my journal.

Much of the work I did with the Shamanism group emphasized "The Light". This was true even though we also worked in the Lower World and with plant, animal, and other allies. Apparently, I had developed the energy flow in my body from the waist upwards. In hindsight, I now see the wisdom of my Inner Teacher. I had to pause and rest so that I could begin to develop the energy flow in the lower half of my body without any carryover from previous work.

Right after that I did my first workshop with RJ Stewart.
Ah, but that is a tale for another time.

But enough about me! Let's talk about you now. So tell me! What do you think of my page?

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