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If you plan a trip to Glastonbury, I can personally recommend the guide that we used. His name is Nigel Breen. Trust me.....
He has an excellent sense of humor and has spent some time in the USA, so he's doubtly blessed (or is it doubly?).


Tour of the inspirational sites of England's Mystical Past
Tariff Examples
We are out of date. Please call Nigel for current tarriffs
up to 4 people
1 person
Avebury Circle including Silbury Hill
and West Kennet long barrow...


Stonehenge and Woodhenge... L50:00 L40:00
Cadbury (Camelot)... L40:00 L30:00
Wells Cathedral and grounds... L40:00 L30:00
Bath (Aquae Sulis)
Visit the Abbey and Roman Baths, etc...


Abbey Grounds, Chalice well, The Tor
and Wearyall Hill...


Tintagel,Cornwall. Lengendary home of Merlin L95:00 L70:00

Airport Pickup

(48 hours notice required)

Heathrow L70:00 Gatwick L90:00 Bristol L30:00

Please contact Nigel any time on (01458) 833560

Prices do not include entrance fees or meals

Tours for larger groups and to other destinations can be arranged

Nigel A. Breen
33 Hill Head
Somerset BA6 8AW
(01458) 833560

Avebury/Stonehenge Tours

Including West Kennet long barrow (circa 3000bc),
Silbury Hill, Avebury stone circles and avenue.
Visit the Faery Shop in Marlborough,
then south to Stonehenge to complete the tour.

Parties of up to four, leaving from
10 AM, returning at 5 PM
L80:00 per tour

Prices do not include meals or entrance fees
Tours for larger groups can be arranged

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