So, you're considering a link to The Lighthouse.

If so, there is one important consideration. Look at what your browser lists as your current location. If it says, then everything is fine and you can cut-and-paste the address of the site or whatever page strikes your fancy. You can ignore the rest of this page (unless you want to use one of our images for a link).

However, if it's a mouthful of punctuation, names and initials, you SHOULD NOT use the URL listed. The Lighthouse has moved several times during its lifetime and, on several occasions, we used a URL forwarding service. This means that typing in your browser would take you to our site but your browser would show a different address once you arrived. In that case, you should use our domain address to link to the site. The exact format (so you can cut-and-paste it) would be:

If you do decide that you want a link to this site on your site and want to include an icon for the link, please feel free to use one of the images at right.

And, if you decide to link to us, please let us know. The email addresses for the three Curators are at the bottom of this page. If you would like a reciprocal link on our site, email the Curator in charge of the area where you think the link would best fit. If you don't know which Curator does what, you can check out a page that tells about this site and the Curators. The link is below, on the right.

2.1k 2.5k

If you don't have a clue or can't be bothered trying to figure it out, don't worry. Email any one of us and he will forward your message to the right Curator.

If you want to link to a page other than our welcome page (the link on the left), feel free to do so. All of the main pages (The Cave, The Second Floor, The Aerie, etc) have permanent filenames. However, if you link to a subsidiary page (a list of jokes, a particular article or poem), be aware that the page might not be there forever. After all, this is the internet.

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