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Welcome: Here, some resources useful to those who study physical aspects of Nature are provided.

Our focus is on the systematic analysis of observable phenomena involving the fundamental constituents of matter and the interactions between them using the language of mathematics.


Pictured above: The Helium atom with two electrons circling a nucleus of two protons and two neutrons. Protons and neutrons are themselves comprised of other particles, called quarks. A proton consists of two "up" quarks and one "down" quark. While a neutron consists of two "down" and one "up".
To learn more about quarks goto
The Particle Adventure.

Physics Organizations Organizations which provide support for active scientists.
Services like job listings and professional societies and political activism.
Educational Information Sites which provide information about particle and nuclear physics, some of which are accessible to high-school students while others target researchers.
Physics Publications Here, one can find sites that contain search engines for physics articles and preprint databases, sites of publishers of physics journals, as well as sites that provide support for scientific authors.
Find information regarding LaTeX here!
Computational Physics Here, find sites that contain support, manuals and source code necessary for computational researchers.
Collaborations and Conferences Here are sites of active collaborations and conference homepages for nuclear and particle physics. Also listed are some personal homepages of physicists whose research is of some interest to me.
Basically, consider all these sites as ones that I may have some interest in.

Physics Organizations

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Educational Information about Particle and Nuclear Physics

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Physics Publishers and Support for Authors

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Computational Research

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Collaborations and Conferences

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