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News, Papers, and Preprints :

Reference Materials:

  • Links to DOE (and related) sites.
  • Review of Particle Properties booklet. The full version is also viewable.
  • LaTeX Manual: DESY's online LaTeX manual.
  • Lattice Field Theory Overview
  • Physics Info: Compiled by Eric W. Weisstein.

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    Tools of The Trade:

    Sites devoted to a particular tool.
    • Guide to Available Mathematical Software : A collection of free mathematical source code.
    • Netlib Repository : A collection of free mathematical sourcecode Invert a matrix numerically? Click, click. Instant source code!
    • MAPLE : The Maple homepage at Waterloo.
    • NERSC : The National Energy Research Supercomputing Center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Information about the NERSC machines, libraries and related stuff.
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