An Introduction to:
List Servers and Mailing Lists

Subscribing To a Mailing List

Automated mailing lists bring the information on the 'Net right to your front door through the use of e-mail. All you need to join a newsgroup are two pieces of information: a list's name and the e-mail address of the list's server. Once you have picked a list, send a message to the list's server.

The text of the message usually requires only four words: SUBSCRIBE listname your first name your last name. The first message you receive from the list is the most important. It tells you how to distribute messages of your own and how to remove your name from the list. For example, to subscribe to the Windows for Workgroups list, John Doe would send a message the the text of "SUBSCRIBE WFW-L John Doe". Do not include the quotes in your message. That's all there is to it.

A Selection of Mailing Lists