In the topmost chamber of The Lighthouse
is The Aerie, where Raptor resides.

The light and reflector have been removed since this lighthouse is no longer charged with guiding ships at sea. From this vantage point, with the view of the ocean to inspire us, we explore creativity in its various forms and the results of it's application. The Lighthouse is both our departure point and our beacon as we embark on the flight of the imagination.

Before we explore or even discuss creativity, let us establish a definition so we are on common ground. I have noticed that some people feel that for something to be an expression of creativity it must have some sort of merit. They may feel that it has to be a work of art, that it must appeal to people or that it must, in some way, be good.

As we refer to the dictionary, we realize that the characterizations mentioned above mostly deal with opinion and value judgements. Creativity does not have to measure up to anyone's standards! Having consulted three dictionaries and finding great agreement among them, let me define the basic word in operation here...

to cause to exist; bring into being
to make out of nothing for the first time
to make or bring into being something new
to produce through artistic or imaginative effort
Examining the definitions above we see that while creativity includes artistic expression, it is not limited to it. When you engage in original thinking or expression, you are being creative. Writing a computer program or designing a web page qualifies as a creative activity just as much as painting a picture. I won't debate what is or is not an artistic activity although I certainly feel that my pages are an artistic expression.

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