About Raptor

Before I go into details, let me do a brief aside just in case you popped in here thinking "I knew a Raptor online; I wonder if this guy is him." I'm the Raptor who was/is on the following BBSes in New York:
I was also on a few other systems but these were/are my main haunts.

By the way, on City Lights BBS, I was a Sysop.

City Lights
Bay Cafe
Metro BBS

one of various species of predatory birds characterized by a notched beak and heavy talons for grasping prey
the nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place

Okay, now that we've established that you don't know me from Adam and you know what 'raptor' means, you can go back to The Lighthouse via whichever route you used to arrive. Or, you can take one of the paths to madness and try one of the other links...

(Personally, I recommend Raptor's Life Story since that is the page into which I've put the most work.)

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Or, if you want to have a web site and
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