Raptor Sounds Off About Awards
While we are most definitely flattered by the Red Dragon award displayed on the previous page, let's all keep in mind that web sites should have their own purpose and reason for existing. And, hopefully, that purpose is something more valuable to the internet community than winning awards.

In my opinion, nothing says poseur more than a front page full of award icons. If the site is so popular and so heavily visited, then why on Earth do they need to tell everyone how wonderful they are?

I visit sites based on recommendations from friends, articles in magazines and links that I stumble upon. Until I get to the site, I obviously have no way of knowing how popular and important they think they are.

I re-visit sites based on how interesting or useful or funny they are; not because they have an impressive array of trophies.

For the record (assuming anyone is actually reading this ), we don't submit our site to any rating services or try to acquire any awards. If someone likes our site enough to link to us or bestow an award on us, we're delighted. We'll display the award and/or link to their site.

We just don't believe in blowing our own horn too much. And, when we do blow our own horn, we make sure it's in a reserved and appropriate (and perhaps a bit smart-alecky) way.

Thanks for letting me waste your time. If you agree or think I'm an idiot (or both), feel free to email me. My email address is on the about page.

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