Raptor's Poems

Well, here are some poems I wrote. I don't make any claims as to their brilliance or artistic merit; just that they represent an expression of creativity.

Some background...
I wrote these poems back when I was calling local computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's). This was before I got involved with the internet. (Hey, some of these were written in 1991! That's over a generation ago in computer years.)

I had written poetry before and some of my experiences in BBS'ing made pretty strong impressions on me. I wanted to put some of those feelings into words and thought that the format of poetry made an interesting contrast, particularly the aspect of using the highly traditional and structured format of the sonnet to write about computers and telecommunication.

Even though poetry is composed of words, I feel the visual presentation is very important and so I chose to display the poems as GIF files using a fancy font. Not to worry though; the longest poem is under 14K as a GIF. Besides, if you've gotten this far, and are using a graphic browser, it has already loaded the background file. That's half the battle right there.

For those without graphics capability, I also provide text-only pages.

Much to my amazement, the site access logs show that these poems are being read every week. Perhaps the same person comes back to read them again and again. Then again, perhaps not. At any rate, if anyone wants to contact me, my email address is on this page.

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Friendships Dying Text
Non-Volatile Memory Text
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